Katie Holmes Looks Mature On The Cover Of C Magazine

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I’m now trying to understand the mechanisms of Katie Holmes’ fame through divorce. The celebrity game seems a merciless love affair with the public. Who either loves you or it doesn’t.

single Katie Holmes on the cover of C Magazine With Katie Holmes, things have been a bit different.

When the news about her and Tom Cruise’s relationship got out (and even when they got married, had Suri), the world seemed so protective of her, not wanting to let her lose identity in this union.

After a while, they let her, eventually, immerse head over heels into it.

Now she wants out. No! She’s getting out. A move that took everyone by surprise, Tom Cruise included. After Elle’s cover, Katie Holmes’ second divorcee cover seems to be California Style’s C Magazine, the September 2012 issue.

She’s definitely looking more mature and less playful. But what I like the most, is how the people over at C magazine are reportedly going through the transcripts of their interview with Katie (which took place only one day prior to the divorce announcement) looking for clues about the divorce. And finding none. She was good! Katie was really good at acting her life!

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