Fashion Has The Gold Fever: Miu Miu’s Olympics Shoes And Bags

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Yesterday it was Karl Lagerfeld who tried to convince us that the Olympic spirit is hidden in a pair of paint splattered skinny jeans or in a sequined collar. Sure. I can see why. With difficulty. But that’s why I’m not Lagerfeld. Duh!

Now Prada’s Miu Miu has released their version of the Olympic gold fever: sandals, bags and iPad / iPhone accessories in gold, bronze and silver! Fairly less ridiculous than der Kaiser’s fash doing, the limited edition of bags & more has the potential of a bestseller. I just hope that the price tag on the new Miu Miu collection is not just for the Olympians…

what to wear for the Olympics Miu Miu sandals and bags

Miu Miu limited edition Olympics bags

Bronze iPad sleeve Miu Miu Silver iPhone case Miu Miu Miu Miu Olympic clutches

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