The Atlantic Puts Baby In Briefcase, Thinks Women Still Can’t Have It All

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When it comes to magazine covers, some editors just think they have it all figured out: a dash of photoshop here, a touch of undergarment there, a racy nuance today, an indecent controversy tomorrow. We’re almost tempted to believe that when it comes to covers, we’ve seen all colors already!

controversial magazine cover baby in bag But wait!

Anne – Marie Slaughter, through the Atlantic tells us not only that “Women still can’t have it all” but also why!

And all that inside a magazine covered by what appears to be a woman with dubious fashion sense and serious motherhood issues who placed her (or someone else’s) baby in a briefcase!

I asked earlier – what mad architecture was that – now I’m asking it again: What mad cover is that?

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#1 Riana on 07.01.12 at 8:15 am

That’s nice but I knew already “that women can’t have it all”…..whatever that means? What is “all”? That’s my first and also most important or the only question. I’d question this for quite some now…

Oh, wait…I miss a a man on the left side of the cover with another, older sibling in his open suitcase. After all he’s physically stronger right? ;)
But does a man really “have it all”? And does Anne–Marie Slaughter thought about that too?

Now I have not the slightest idea what kind of magazine this is. I do know this though: why is the the return of the family farm surprising? The simple, common Jane Doe I am is not surprised at all. Sounds logic to me.

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