Eva Longoria Unrecognizable On Amica’s July 2012 Cover

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Remember earlier when I was amazed by Cindy Crawford taking a simple walk on the beach? Saying that although I’ve seen her in pictorials before, a paparazzi picture is more relevant, reality – wise, than an army of stylists, makeup artists and photoshop editors?

When that army happens to someone, it is more likely that they lose any resemblance with real persons. Eva Longoria on the cover of Amica July 2012 as photographed by Mark Liddell is a perfect example to sustain my theory. I bet that’s why they wrote her name on the cover, who would’ve recognized her otherwise?

Eva Longoria Amica July 2012 cover

Eva Longoria Amica July 2012

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#1 ana on 06.25.12 at 12:17 pm

Altough Amica can not go that “artsy” for its demo,I think the extrem photoshop was on purpose, to get a “painting” effect ? The stylist was clearly inspired by Gauguin in Tahiti.

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