Coach Leads World’s Luxury Index Handbags. Wait, What

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When I first saw this little piece of news, I was just starting my daily roundups in trying to find the most interesting fashion tidbits to discuss with you. I nearly zapped it. What a mistake that would’ve been!

So, long story short: a Geneva – based consulting group Digital Luxury Group released the World Luxury Index Handbags, a report based upon Internet searches, that is reportedly rankingover 130 brands and over 130 million searches in eight countries”. Large scale, I know! But look what they’ve come up with:

Coach is the ranked at no. 1 in the World Luxury Index Handbags while Chanel is at no. 3 and Hermes is at no. 7. How. Is. That. Even. Possible? (need I remind you that, although Gwyneth Paltrow advertised for Coach, they belong in the “luxury” handbags producers ranks just as much as H & M belongs on the Paris Haute Couture catwalks!)

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#1 Ellington on 06.28.12 at 8:38 pm

I think that Coach is #1 because they are actually affordable.
And they can be within reach of most women.

#2 ana on 06.29.12 at 12:57 pm

yes, sure , but Coach is far from the luxury sector of the market.

I read their report : Labeling brands and products “premium” or “affordable luxury” does not change the reality of materials, craftsmanship and production techniques. Moreover, I think it does consumers a huge disservice as it legitimizes what is little more than a marketing claim.

The metodology was wrong: ask for 1000s people what bag they buy and including Coach among the luxury brands, of course the majority (low rent) will say Coach. because they identify with it.
And now they go all proud around, thinking they have a Hermes equivalent.. haha

I own several Coach bags. they are good and affordable.

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