Underwater Love: Noomi Rapace Covers The New York Times Magazine

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Two weeks stand between us and Prometheus. June 8th 2012 is the launch date of one of the most awaited movies this year, the prequel to the Alien movies. And if you weren’t familiar with Noomi Rapace’s professionalism, dedication and overwhelming talent, take a look below!

Ridley Scott (Prometheus’ director, also known for Alien and Blade Runner among others) has a flair for choosing his lady characters wisely! Noomi was photographed in a tank of water, where, they say, she held her breath for minutes and the Photoshop team didn’t even have to retouch the air bubbles simply because there were none to retouch – Noomi looks perfect. I’m sure this New York Times Magazine cover could stir the envy of a mermaid!

Noomi Rapace New York Times Magazine underwater cover

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#1 Ellington on 05.27.12 at 9:34 am

Noomi is the coolness.
I just like her and I hope that her international acting career takes off for her. She is talented. : )

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