Fashionable Home With Marni Furniture

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It’s not furniture per se, but since we’re in the summer time (yeah, baby!), lounge furniture and outdoor furniture qualify as generic furniture. (doesn’t it?). Well, long story short: below some fancy schmancy Marni furniture pieces. Chairs, chaise longue, bench, all colorful and summer – full.

And odd! I fear the price of these so – called fashionable home décor pieces can sometimes exceed not just our wildest imagination by placing a tag way out of our reach. Making the Marni furniture perfect for display purposes only – I’m certain that the boho rich people who’d buy it, would also make good use of it (say once / season, when they’re in their museum – like vacation house?) (more images right after the jump! click here for the gallery!)

Marni Chairs collection

I would like, however, one of them chaise longues to put in my garden. It’s colorful and pretty and wouldn’t mind the humidity. Aren’t they cute, sitting together like that? I kinda expect them to come to life, like in some fancy cartoon!

Marni chair

Marni colorful chair

Marni furniture Marni chaise longue Marni bench

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