Crystal Renn Is Blonde With Bleached Eyebrows. Wants Acting Career

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Crystal Renn blond hair bleached eyebrowsSo it’s official then: those vacation pictures weren’t just accidental.

Crystal Renn is really having a blonde moment complete with bleached eyebrows (if you ask me, I’d say she’s having a Kristen McMenamy moment, not a Gemini moment like she calls it).

You should know that Crystal is aiming at an acting career: “If the right part came along, yes, most certainly, I would do it. I’m becoming more and more open to that every day.”. Feelings? {Fashionista}


#1 Riana on 04.13.12 at 12:49 pm


#2 kpriss on 04.14.12 at 5:43 am

(I still have my money on a McMenamy – wannabe moment)

#3 Riana on 04.14.12 at 8:56 am

Kristen is unique. She always have been unique :)

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