Would You Buy Lancome Rose Stem Cell Cream?

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Permanently searching for the next big thing in cosmetics and beauty products, Lancome steps up the beauty game with a new miracle product promise. Next month, Lancome is launching a very special regenerating cream.

Absolue L’Extrait, Lancome’s miracle cream, contains Rose Stem Cells. 2 million of them. Stem cells have become the next medical heaven a while back, when their therapeutic value has been constantly highlighted since the 60s. In short, the stem cells are biological cells found in any living organism, taking care of the normal functioning of the entire system, also repairing and replenishing.

Rose stem cell actives contained in the new Lancome beauty elixir should reportedly enhance the natural barrier of the skin and protect it against external aggressions (such as UV and pollution), also should boosts the regeneration of the skin and increase its vitality. Sounds like the promise of eternal youth. And all that with just a small container of face cream. Working against time, do you think that’s really possible?

Lancome Rose Stem Cells beauty elixir

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