Victoria Beckham’s Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2012

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Victoria Beckham on a magazine cover. How cliché. But what a lovely cliché! Victoria Beckham is the story of success everyone can dream of. Rising to fame with the Spice Girls and getting married with one of Britain’s most desirable (public) figure (just in case you forgot, it’s David Beckham we’re talking about – wink), Victoria seems to have won the life’s lottery whenever she’s talking about her perfect life.

And, honestly, I love that. Positivity. Positivity is good. Positivity makes my world go round! So although we’ve heard the story a thousand times before, we know so much about the Beckhams already, so many magazines before Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2012 have had Victoria on the cover, I still don’t mind. Slightly boring but still enjoyable, Harper’s cover is a hydrangea fashion heaven.

Victoria Beckham Harper s Bazaar UK May 2012 cover

I know, I know, the inside pictures are far from being perfect. Or even good (by fashion standards). But they seem true to Victoria Beckham’s style. Simple, real, effective. Camilla Akrans works with Victoria’s great post – (four) – pregnancy (ies) body for a Harper’s Bazaar story highlighting some of the most notable British success in the world right now. By social / stylish standards. (it does lack a bit of sparkle, doesn’t it?)

Victoria Beckham Harper s Bazaar UK May 2012

Victoria Beckham Harper s Bazaar by Camilla Akrans

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