Trendabl, Fashion’s Instagram

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Smart phones have opened the world to new, endless possibilities. Smart phones are not just for business purposes or for tech gadgets enthusiasts! Smart phones became in just a couple of years time, simply impossible to replace when it comes to socializing, keeping in touch, informed and in time with every – new – thing in every domain.

Twitter and Instagram are the most notable expressions of being socially smart with your smart phone. Now there’s a new fashionable app you’ll want to try: Trendabl. It’s fashion’s Instagram: “A user will be able to take a picture and apply a filter to it, then they can post it right away to their friends or they can add more information.”.

As so many other tools before, Trendabl promises to revolutionize the way people do fashion. And not just that – famous fashionistas have joined the platform: Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, Whitney Port, even Nicky Hilton.

For the moment, Trendabl is only available for iPhones, although it’s founder, Jon Alagem, has big plans for the new app: website, ecommerce. Ambitious much? Anyone tried Trendabl? Is it as good as they say it is?

new Trendabl app Fashion s Instagram

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