Hot Right Now: Gold & Glitter

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For too long now have I deprived you of the blogaround pleasures! During my daily strolls in blogville, I discover so many interested things! It’ll be my pleasure and honor to present you with some of my captivating reads throughout the day / week.

Today’s theme is glitter and gold. Because it’s so very hot right now! Much like {1} Jennifer Lawrence who chose a golden Prabal Gurung dress to premiere The Hunger Games (I wish her stylist would pick something less edgier for her).

Maybe she just wanted to sparkle… and so can you, {2} with just a dash of nail polish (Sally Hansen was one of my favorite nail polish brands growing up). From tip to toes, you can finish the look with some {3} golden Marc Jacobs socks (that’s perfect as long as you’re Beyonce’s baby girl, Blue Ivy ‘golden shoes’ Carter!) – do consider matching those with {4} a pretty golden DIY clutch!

Talking about shoes, feet etcetera: {5} did you know that fashion’s golden girl, Abbey Lee Kershaw had knee surgery? Wrapping up with the tennis golden boy of the moment: {6} Novak Djokovic and his GQ Italia cover. It’s all in an arm’s twist: {7} as long as you keep stacking on sparkling bracelets!

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