Zara Wedding Dress. For Zara’s Heiress, Marta Ortega!

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This is actually nice! I mean she’s the daughter of Spain’s richest man, the very founder of Inditex (father company of Zara), Amancio Ortega, and Marta Ortega wants a wedding dress from Zara on her special day!

She could’ve had any wedding dress in the world, after all, she’s worth $31 Billion! But no, passionate horse rider Marta Ortega will be a Zara bride! Congratulations to the young couple (Marta is getting married to Sergio Alvarez, her longtime boyfriend and fellow equestrian), blessings and happiness in their new life! (the date for the very intimate ceremony is set on February 18th ). Although official reports deny any future bridal line from Zara, the future is not yet written!

Marta Ortega with future husband

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#1 Riana on 02.11.12 at 9:26 am

Is that money on banks of Spain? Or hidden somewhere else? Just curious…..

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