Mini Colorful Hermes Bags: Mini Birkin, Mini Kelly

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I used to be such a huge tote girl. Everywhere I went, I carried this suitcase of a handbag, filled with all kinds of goodies. Hardly any of the tote’s contents addressed me directly. I did not carry an extra pair of fancy heels, nor did I keep a little black dress at hand just in case! My huge tote, otherwise extremely trendy and fashionable, was filled with diapers, baby bottles, wet napkins and, mostly, toys!

My tote was a rattling snake – all the tiny cars, dangling colorful plastic toddler chewing toys, it was all making this sweet music with every step I took. With time, I came to understand that my huge tote, as must – have as it was declared by the fashion industry, it was more of a kids – carry – all than a tote for me. So I kept it. For kids purpose only. As for me, I downsized to a tiny messenger bag. (now that I got that out of the way and you know all about my tote habits, it’s time to get to the Mini Hermes point, after the jump!)

Mini Hermes bags

Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know just what those names mean exactly. Iconic? It’s an understatement! It’s kind of the bags’ Cadillac! So how would you feel about a tiny version of the legends? Tiny colorful Birkins and Tiny Kellys seem like such a good idea for a modern lady who doesn’t need the big version – anyone has any information about the retail price? (I heard it was somewhere around $4,000)

Hermes Birkin Yellow Mini

Mini Hermes Birkin red

Mini Hermes Birkin yellow Mini Hermes Kelly pink Mini Hermes Birkin blue

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#1 Ellington on 02.16.12 at 12:21 pm

These mini totes are so cute!
I love the orange and the pink!
: )

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