Karl Lagerfeld’s Metro Is Out

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Metro is a global newspaper which is distributed in 100 cities from 22 countries around the world. There’s hardly a better medium for Karl Lagerfeld to distribute himself through. For oh so many reasons! First – it’s a printed word. Karl Lagerfeld looooves the printed word (remember his impressive collection of books?). Plus – it’s yet another reason to talk about himself and everything he does or he wants. And that is something Karl Lagerfeld never refuses.

And we’re delighted, aren’t we? His self portrait drawing, on the very cover of his guest editor edition of Metro is an ageless depiction of his persona, something he believes in – that he is a man of every generation. However – there’s so much more in this issue! Check out the teaser right after the jump!

Karl Lagerfeld Metro cover

Karl Lagerfeld Metro newspaper guest edited issue Karl Lagerfeld drawing of himself Karl Lagerfeld Metro guest edited issue

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