Robert Downey Jr For Men’s Fitness January 2012

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Have you seen the new Sherlock Holmes? We’re big fans of Mr Guy Ritchie, I already told you that, so we were, predictably, among the first to buy tickets to the new Sherlock Holmes (plus – we’re lucky enough to have the Grandparents with us for the Holidays, bless their hearts, so I get to take my Adored Husband to a late nigh movie almost every day. Hence my absence around here…)

Robert Downey Jr, my lovelies, is, without any doubts, one of the most sought – after actors of the moment. Whether it’s for Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. is just as professional and as committed to the character. Plus he’s funny too. And now he’s expecting a baby. Sort of. His wife is. He’s the living proof rehab can really change a life. For the best! (wink) (how’s that for a new year topic? You can read more about Robert Downey’s Jr Fitness here)

Robert Downey Jr covers Mens Fitness

Robert Downey Jr Mens Fitness

Robert Downey Jr Mens Fitness 1

Robert Downey Jr Mens Fitness 2

Robert Downey Jr Mens Fitness 3

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