How About Green Day’s Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign For John Varvatos?

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When I first saw the John Varvatos Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign, I decided to ignore it. Because I really though it was a (photoshop)fake. I still think it’s manufactured, but I happened to stumble across a Green Day classic video while trying to find a decent cartoon channel for my kids to watch (I’m really not good with television, I told you neither I nor Adored Husband count TV watching among our free time activities – we do watch a looooot of movies and TV series – only on DVD and BluRay. But I digress). So back to Green Day: I saw this video with them and this John Varvatos campaign popped in my mind. So what if it isn’t real?

Who cares nowadays? It’s a good remake (ahem adaptation) of a famous moment in time, so it passes! It’s an interesting salad of Philippe Petit’s Man on Wire and Ebbets’ Constructors Lunch, all with a rock’n’roll grin. Would people remember the original and buy Varvatos to pay homage to that? (I laughed out loud writing that last sentence!) Will they buy Varvatos because they love Green Day? Who cares? It’s just another fashion ad campaign at the end of the day and in few months another shot will erase this one from our memory!

Green Day John Varvatos Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign

Inspiration for Green Day John Varvatos ad campaign

John Varvatos Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

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