Cappellini Disney Eco Fish Joyful Armchair. New Year, New Furniture

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I have a confession to make: I’m experiencing a heavy interior decoration tendency at the moment. Might be the New Year pushing me towards new home-y acquisitions, might be an old flame taking over again (wink). Either way, I found this cutie I had to share with you:

Disney Eco Fish armchair from Cappellini. It’s a happy chair, whimsical and playful designed by Satyendra Pakhale in 2010 and manufactured from multi colored recycled plastic. It could be yours for just $2,110. It’s a great accent chair, in a minimalist fashion, how I love them best! Too bad about the price tag. But hey! Who said a girl can’t daydream, huh?

Disney Eco Fish Armchair Cappellini

The lovely chair falls right into the amoebic design vision curated by Giulio Cappellini’s Milan base brand. Countless designers work with Cappellini, continually spreading the love for avant-garde interior decoration and tasteful design approach from Italy worldwide.

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Disney Eco Fish Armchair Cappellini 1

Satyendra Pakhale showed his multicultural vision and always-innovative creative force through the Eco fish Armchair. He has been often called a ‘cultural nomad’ and this recycled plastic chair with a pure, minimalist, natural shape is yet another proof of what the Indian born designer believes in.

Disney Eco Fish Armchair Cappellini 2

The Disney Eco Fish Armchair is actually part of a more vast collaboration initiated between Disney and Cappellini. Introduced at Milan’s famous Salone de Mobile in 2010, the collection is comprised of 5 limited edition chairs, one funnier and wittier than the next. Satyendra Pakhale’s Eco Fish chair was released in a series of 99 items, each numbered.

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Cappellini Disney limited edition furniture collection

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It’s not an armchair … where’s the arm rest?!

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