Kat Dennings Does Bust Magazine And We All Know Why

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Though I promise myself repeatedly that I’ll watch 2 Broke Girls, I keep falling asleep the moment I hit the couch. So I have no real feeling of Kat Dennings’ role in the above mentioned TV series (do you? Please share?).

Thus I’ll keep my story short, just on the Bust topic. Kat Dennings we all know and love is gracing the December 2011 issue of Bust magazine. And her inside pictorial is beautiful, not above the average, but not Bust-y at all. Like they were trying to make a point? (hmmm. Really?) Like Kat herself is trying to preach in her interview:

“Women are sexy – the end. And you can use that power if you want to. But there’s a certain even more powerful element not using it, just leading with other things – how smart you are, how funny you are.”

Kat Dennings Bust Magazine cover

Kat Dennings Bust Magazine

Kat Dennings new photoshoot


#1 Jane on 12.18.11 at 6:14 pm

3 Broke Girls is hilarious. Worth a watch. I DVR it.

#2 Jane on 12.18.11 at 6:15 pm

oops 2 Broke Girls :P

#3 Jake on 04.07.16 at 8:13 am

I watch them 2 Broke Girls for that.

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