Karlie Kloss For Dior Spring 2012 Beauty Ad Campaign

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Karlie Kloss is now riding the controversy wave due to her Vogue Italy feature (some claim that the pictures could determine women all over the world become anorexic. Or something like that.). However, Karlie Kloss’ reign on the fashion world is nowhere near its end and this Dior Spring 2012 Beauty Ad campaign confirms it once more.

Karlie is one of those beautiful and versatile young models who represent today’s fashion with extreme accuracy. She can be your next door cool neighbor, she can be your diva, she can do so many faces, embody so many acts, I believe the fashion industry is rightfully in love with her. (aren’t we?) A little controversy has never hurt a model – look at Kate Moss!

Karlie Kloss Dior Spring 2012 Beauty Ad Campaign

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