Nicki Minaj Has A New Pink Bentley. Just Like Paris Hilton.

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When it comes to girl cars, you just can’t go above and beyond a pink car. And the spoiled girls know that! Paris Hilton was the first I knew driving around in a pink Bentley. Now Nicki Minaj seems to join the pink parade with her pink Bentley!

I actually see nothing wrong in having a pink car. It’s just the real – size, real – motor parts that really bugs me (if the pink car in question was the size of a keyholder, I wouldn’t mind at all!). Oh, and also disappointed in Nicki Minaj’s choice of color – her Bentley should really sport more colors, more daring prints than just a bland pink. Which has been done before. Yo, Nicki? Have you let Paris know you were taking her car for a ride?

Pink Bentley for Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton

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