Jeremy Scott Was At Katy Perry’s Wild West Birthday Party

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You know I love a good costume! A good, funny costume is even better! Putting on a costume is always fun and brings out so much of yourself you wouldn’t normally put out there. For everyone to see.

I mean that in a figurative way, biensur! Like, for instance, Heidi dressing up like a Monkey for this Halloween? How often do we get to see Heidi actually jumping up and down and monkey – ing around? Or her skinless costume? How often do we get to see Heidi so covered and yet so uncovered? I hope you got my idea of wearing a costume. Just the other day, Katy Perry was out celebrating her 27th birthday with a great party: cowboys and Indians for a Wild Wild West theme!

Katy Perry Jeremy Scott Wild West Birthday Party

She was as cute as a button. As a cowgirl button, to be more specific and she was blending in the costumed crowd, socializing with everyone around a good jar a limeade. Look who was invited and check out his special cowboy costume! Jeremy Scott, designer extraordinaire, wearing a very interesting attire. First: Jeremy, daahling, you don’t look that good in green (unless you’re trying to join the Green Lantern corps, in which case, the pink doesn’t make sense). Second: Jeremy, put some clothes on! The invite read Wild West Birthday not YMCA revival spot! Next time, ask Robyn for some fashion advice, she looked lovely as a cactus!

Katy Perry Jeremy Scott Robyn Wild West Birthday Party

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