Hermes For Your Table

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This is one of those Inbox goodies – Hermes’s newsletter contained this overload of table gorgeousness – Hermes plates?

Were you familiar with this fine line of tableware coming from your favorite orange label? Hermes never ceases to amaze me! What I thought would be a nice passing note on luxury and style turned out to be a heavy topic since Hermes has an entire table section on their online boutique. I kept clicking away, looking through every item, being more and more swept off of my feet by the beauty of the objects and the delicacy of the details! (hit the jump to convince yourselves or click here for the gallery!)

Hermes plates bleu d ailleurs

I wish I could say more about these beauties, however, Hermes doesn’t offer too many details save for the names and the prices. And if you ask me, a simple picture of almost any of the exquisite table service pieces suffices to count me in their pocket! I’m sold! They’re so beautiful! Everything I’d expect from Hermes! Balcon du Guadalquivir, Bleus D’Ailleurs, Cheval d’Orient, Fil d’Argent, Jardin des Orchidees, Les Maisons Enchantees… You name it, I’d take it! Do you have a favorite? (I voluntarily left the prices out of the story, they would’ve ruin the pleasure – wink)

Hermes Beautiful plates Cheval d Orient

Hermes Bleu D Ailleurs tableware series

Hermes Plates les Maisons Enchantees

Hermes Plates Jardin des Orchidees

Hermes Jardin des Orchidees Plates

Hermes plates Fil d Argent

Hermes Mosaique au 24 series

Hermes tea cups

Hermes cheval d orient plates

Hermes Les Maisons Enchantees plates

Hermes Mosaique au 24 plates

Hermes table Maisons Enchantees Hermes Jardin des Orchidees table

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