Rihanna’s Backseat Underwear For Armani Ad Campaign Video

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I’m typing this as I’m watching the video for the first time. Because I wanted to give you my very first impressions, without waiting another second and / or read another set of reviews about it.

Rihanna’s Emporio Armani / Armani ad campaign was created in collaboration with Steven Klein so the imagery is impeccable and truly beautiful. The story? Meh. Not so much. I may be trying too hard, as always, to understand the meaning hidden in fashion ad campaigns – they always try to infuse clothing items with so much meaning and hidden spirituality that in the end, I always feel confused and puzzled. So maybe I should simply stop trying to see more than just clothes and underwear? (on a side note – I loved Rihanna‘s look in the video? So fresh, so feminine, so playful!)

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