Emma Watson’s Elle UK November 2011

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Emma Watson is looking all artsy and young spirited on the cover of Elle UK November 2011. The photos, as impeccably executed by Rankin, are fresh and quirky, Emma’s growing out pixie being even cuter and more appealing than in the fresh cut days.

Too bad they had to crop her so… awkwardly. The pink feathered subscribers cover has an easier to digest newsstand counterpart (it’s maybe not fully clear from the after the jump image which is actually the picture they used for the newsstand cover, but it’s definitely a more human cover; hopefully, when the official pictures will surface, justice will be done) and a classic tummy – ache posing inside. I know I may come across as hopeless, but Emma is adorable. Especially in this new, fresh flower power interpretation. Check out the video after the jump and tell me I’m wrong! (hit the jump for the inside pictorial, click here for the gallery!)

Emma Watson Elle UK November 2011 cover

Emma Watson Elle UK November 2011

Emma Watson new pictures for Elle UK Emma Watson Elle UK photographed by Rankin Emma Watson Elle pictorial


#1 keiKo on 10.03.11 at 2:08 am

Emma is very cute & this cover could have been great if they hadn’t choped her chin off! Another example of the creative team having a shocker!

#2 Decor Arts Now on 10.03.11 at 5:27 am

She is adorable! At 50, my longish pixie only looks like I need a trim! :-)

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