Dress Like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo With H & M Collection

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Although David Fincher’s movie isn’t out yet and everyone is impatiently waiting for mid December (the launch date of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the Hollywood version, is December 14th) and if you’re really into the movie spirit, you can dress in H&M for the occasion!

Trish Summerville has joined H & M Divided for a special capsule collection H & M The Dragon Tattoo collection. Trish Summerville, who is a costume designer, also responsible for the movie’s costumes, we’re in for a major movie treat. From November 28th, when this 30 pieces collection will be launched with Collette, we’ll only see Lisbeth Salander copycats made in H&M. And to be honest, I’d like a few pieces from The Dragon Tattoo collection myself! Look at that pictures and check out the video after the jump, wouldn’t you want some?

Trish Summerville H and M collection

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo clothes

The Dragon Tattoo HM collection

h m s girl with the dragon tattoo collection

h m s girl with the dragon tattoo collection back

h m s girl with the dragon tattoo collection 2

h m s girl with the dragon tattoo collection separate

h m s girl with the dragon tattoo collection individual

h m s girl with the dragon tattoo collection 6

h m s girl with the dragon tattoo collection 3

h m s girl with the dragon tattoo collection 4

h m s girl with the dragon tattoo collection 5


#1 Riana on 10.28.11 at 6:23 am

I don’t want and neither like to be negative but why should we care for another Hollywood re-make and a look that is around since hard and heavy metal rock is around? Give me the originals any time.

#2 kpriss on 10.28.11 at 1:43 pm

So you’ve seen the original? :x

#3 Riana on 10.28.11 at 5:08 pm

Yes I’ve also read the books; the Millennium Trilogy. Great read; when you start reading you can not stop. I have never heard another opinion. So highly recommended :)

#4 kpriss on 10.29.11 at 6:00 am

I haven’t (read the books or watched the movie). However, I know a thing or two about the story.. So I’ll ask you straight up – how did you find H&M’s declaration that Lisbeth was a very “independent” woman? I found it rather strange…

#5 Riana on 10.29.11 at 7:56 am

No. She was damaged and therefore she could be strong. Sometimes damaged peope are very strong because they know they can survive. But that’s not the same thing as being independent in my opinion. Is that clear to you? I don’t want to give away too much and it’s also personal how one feels about a fiction character right?
I have had lots discussions about her.

Please, please, I almost beg you read the trilogy first before you go to see the movie? Stieg Larsson masterpiece deserves that. It’s sad enough he has died before he could enjoy his success……..

#6 Riana on 10.29.11 at 8:14 am

Oh, now I understand your question! I did not watch the PR talk in the video and now I have. The Hollywood point of view…..why can you Anglo(not you and Adored Husband personal) not appreciate Europe’s movies? Or South Americans for that matter? It was great as it was… I also refused (totally different) to see Brothers the remake of original Danish’ movie Brødre. After years I watched the re-make of George Sluizer’s (Dutch director) Spoorloos – The Vanishing. I could not believe how such a great movie which made me come out of the cinema with trembling knees was killed to live up to Hollywood standards. And he did it himself….argh….and I laughed. It took me some time before I was able to re-watch Spoorloos and it still did grab me by the throat. I am going to watch a Bulgarian psychological thriller tonight. I find that interesting.

#7 Riana on 10.29.11 at 8:16 am

Oh dear…..in short: please people honour Stieg Larsson, read the trilogy you won’t be bored and learn about the Lisbeth…..:)

#8 Riana on 10.29.11 at 8:20 am

The title of the first novel is Men Who Hate Women by the way.

(I meant Anglo/Americans and apologise that I got carried away. Happens when I am really passionate about something…)

#9 Ellington on 10.29.11 at 9:53 am

Well said Riana!
Lisbeth Salander is not really a independent woman but a very isolated and damaged one. This is apparent in the novels and in the original movies which I have seen.
I admire her resourcefulness and strength but it was born out a necessity for her survival and I would not wish to be like her. She is not independent to me but isolated by virtue of what happened to her and her inability not to be able to trust anyone.
Because of her “damaged” strength she cannot access many real feelings or emotions like love, and that in the end being able to love and show it is what also helps to make us strong and stronger.
Also what I wish to know is this; H&M is a Swedish company and this is a Swedish series of novels and the first films were Swedish why did they not do a line of clothing then?

#10 Riana on 10.29.11 at 10:32 am

Hi my girl Ellington! :) :*

I also thought of your last strong point because I did wonder too why H&M did this?
On purpose I kept my explanation about Lisbeth short(er). And it’s always one’s personal interpretation of course. Argh, why do you live so far away? :)

#11 kpriss on 10.29.11 at 12:27 pm

Yes, yes, yes! That’s it! Damaged! I didn’t find the word before, when I asked you that question, Riana!

So you do understand why I was so saddened when I watched the video! Hearing the H&M pr say that Lisbeth was a very independent woman sounded like fingernails scraping a chalkboard! Wrong, in so many ways! I learnt a thing or two about the trilogy since I did the Vogue piece on Rooney Mara’s cover and even with that little information, still I felt it was wrong what they said in this short video.

Oh, and as for the movie? the original one? I promise we will watch it. I don’t know if before or after the Hollywood version, however. See, even Ellington has watched the original! (blushing). Know that I’ll be doing a story on this subject in December. After watching it ;)

As for the books – as much as I’d want to read them before, I think it’ll spoil the fun :( . Now you’ve both seen the movie, what do you really recommend? Reading the books? I’m sure they’re way better than (any) movie rendition, but won’t it spoil the thrill and the suspense?

#12 Riana on 10.29.11 at 2:44 pm

Read the books first!!! That’s the real deal. That’s were the inspiration came from for all of this am I right?

There’s the movie: “Män som hatar kvinnor” (2009) Also the name of Stieg Larsson’s first book of the trilogy and here translated as “Men who hate women” (Mannen die vrouwen haten) which is the literal translation of the book but for Anglo/Americans translated as “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”.
Ja, still there? Then there’s the Swedish mini-serie Millenium (2010) about the trilogy which I also watched. And that was even better than the Swedish movie. Same actors play the lead roles. Pfff….ja? But the books were first and I love these the most and then the mini-series. :)

Why remake something that has been done so well? Why? :((

And now there’s a H&M capsule collection for “the independent women”? Blasphemy!!! Golddiggers! I am going to re-read the books again I think….:D

#13 Riana on 10.29.11 at 2:53 pm

Oh, and not to forget I am a great fan of Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist who plays next to the “the girl with the dragon tattoo” the lead male role. Ja, ja..:)

The look of Trish Sommerville reminds and this capsule collection reminds me more of Guns N’ Roses in their “Appetite For Destruction” hey-days.

The End

#14 keiKo on 10.30.11 at 6:40 pm

You can’t blame “Anglo/American’s” completely for the remake of this story. It couldn’t be remade without the involvement of Steig Larsson’s estate’s co-operation. Anyway it is being produced by a Swedish Movie Production company as well as Hollywood.
Bottom line is – it is about making money & as much as you can! Just enjoy it for what it is without thinking too deeply or it will do your head in!

#15 Riana on 10.31.11 at 6:56 am

Keiko, do you think I am a fool or something? Of course it’s all about the money. What else and what’s new? And they better hurry with making money as much as they can. Don’t deny it’s also because most Anglo/Americans refuse to watch movies with subtitles! Or are able to appreciate the real thing.

Isn’t “making as money much as they can” the downfall of the Western world? It won’t be long or the Chinese are going to co-produce Hollywood movies. Or take over completely. Oh irony, they just “saved” the Saab.

But what’s your opinion about the books? The original film or the series? Did you enjoy to read it and watch it? Do you like this collection? I see nothing original that I have seen before or that is yet available for everyone and their dog in other shops like H&M. Germany’s huge online shop Zalando sells almost the same pieces as this ones.

#16 keiKo on 10.31.11 at 7:47 pm

Yes I have read the books & seen the original movie. I thought the first book was a great read but the second & third – predictable. I enjoyed the movie because I like foreign films – they have a different viewpoint & I like to see the world. Will I see the American version – probably when it is released on DVD & I will probably think it is typical!
I don’t think for one minute you are foolish I just take offense when you blame ‘Anglo Americans’ when the Swedes are involved in the Hollywood version & will benefit from it.

#17 Riana on 11.01.11 at 10:33 am

Keiko, I am as “offensive” against the countries who dub sync (if that’s the right English word?) Anglo/American and movies in other language like in France, Germany and whoever more etc. It sounds weird. And we are supposed to be one Europa? Let alone one world….as we can we see the greediness who did kill our economies. I didn’t want to go there and I did not meant to be offensive to anyone personal since I know there are people enough who are not small minded like the majority is sad enough.

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