Most Wanted Halloween Costumes This Year: Nicki Minaj, Black Swan, Smurfette

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Indulge me in a bit of a Halloween overload. We’re so close, I can’t believe it! Now if we’re to give credit to the latest rumors about the costumey special day, it would appear that the world’s most wanted Halloween costumes right now are the Nicki Minaj costume, the Black Swan costume and the Smurfette costume.

I don’t know what your preferences are, but either way, I included a video tutorial for each of the above mentioned looks, just in case you’d want to wear / be one of them. I’m not much of a Smurfette makeover fan, but I’d take the Black Swan or the Nicki Minaj (for fun) any Halloween day! (especially the Black Swan!) you? What are you going to be this Halloween (besides creepy scary, of course?)

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