Carine Roitfeld’s Irreverent Costume Party. Kanye West Costumed As Himself

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Before launching her own magazine, Carine Roitfeld still has a thing or two to do. Take her book, for instance. Irreverent (that’s the book – and you can buy it here) was launched with a costume party in Paris and everyone came dressed up for the special occasion.

Like Riccardo Tisci and Ciara. You can see them after the jump wearing attires specified by the soiree’s dress code, apparently (some kind of undead thing). They’re lovely. In an undead kind of way, biensur. Even Carine Roitfeld herself looks magically clownish. Like a dark clown, biensur. Wait, there’s more! Kanye West was there too! Only he must’ve misplaced his invite or his costume because he showed up dressed as.. himself? Oh, wait, he must have been wearing his designer costume! Yeah, that’s so clever, Kanye, especially since your show was such an unbearable success, nobody wants any part of it!

Kanye West at Carine Roitfeld s Irreverent Costume Party

Carine Roitfeld s book Irreverent

Ciara Riccardo Tisci costumes

Kanye West dressed in black

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