Vena Cava Spring Summer 2012 Collection

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Heeeellooo my lovelies! I will try a fresh approach of the just started Fashion Week season. You know that’s not me, and even though each and every time I try harder and harder to keep up to the Fashion Week madness, the reality catches up with me. I keep thinking that we’re getting ready for winter and the catwalk only shows summery frocks.

Anyway, as long as it’ll last this time, and especially because summer is almost over and I miss it already: Vena Cava Spring Summer 2012. The first Fashion Show gracing the pages of Stylefrizz for the upcoming summer season! What to expect when you’re expecting the next summer? Color blocks. A strong taste of the 70s cool with bright colors and flare pants. Happy to hear that? (click through for more images from Vena Cava’s Summer 2012 collection; the entire collection here)

Vena Cava Spring Summer 2012 collection

Vena Cava Summer 2012


#1 ajginger on 09.10.11 at 9:41 am

I thank you so much Kpriss for browsing so many collections and I lost patience since I have still brand new summer pieces I did not wore or just once due to this “summer”? And I am hunting winter clothing….all I think about is nice winter clothes…why do they do is? I would enjoy this so much more in let’s say January?
I do notice I truly stick my own style I love for years: I adore the wide flared high waisted pants. Lovely.

#2 kpriss on 09.10.11 at 3:31 pm

ah, winter – sigh – I think this is me trying to avoid it? I guess I’ll bend under the pure and simple inevitability of fall when time comes. For now I just want to stick to summer some mo’ . I will miss it so much!

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