Rankin’s Swatch Collection

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If you’re a little bit familiar with the world of fashion, then you surely heard of Rankin once or twice. He’s a British Fashion Photographer, really good at what he does, with a clean vision and a straightforward approach of the image through his objectives.

His work earned him a special place in the fashphotographers arena, being also appreciated for his visual documentaries. After the jump, you’ll see that Rankin’s vision brought him a design representation as well, showcased here by his Limited Edition Swatch Watches Collection.

Rankin wearing his Swatches

I was first intrigued by the colors pattern selected by Rankin for this collection. Then, on a second look, I realized they were no random drawings or chaotic representations but iris colors! Yes, those are actual eyes colors, truly magnificent and magnetizing! Only 777 numbered pieces are available from this special collection, however, more designs signed by Rankin will also be issued in the Swatch portfolio. I know it’s Swatch, but wouldn’t you want to have them all? All five of them? I’m mesmerized! (via)

Swatch Rankin collection

Swatch Rankin collection box Swatch Rankin watches collection box Rankin Swatch

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