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As happy and as excited I was about Gemma Ward’s role in the Pirates of the Caribbean, I was pretty disappointed when, upon watching the movie, I came to realize that her appearance was rather short and in no way at the magnitude of her model might.

Anyway, the models on film wave goes strong with a new role for Gemma in the upcoming Great Gatsby rendition (which already started filming and stars Leonardo Di Caprio as Gatsby). The next model on film is Marisa Miller who joined the cast of R.I.P.D. alongside Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. Not bad for an angel, huh?

Gemma Ward Marisa Miller movie roles

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#1 ajginger on 09.01.11 at 5:39 am

Doutzen Kroes plays in a movie too. Her first movie. She’s taking acting classes in New York.
It’s the first 3D film shot outside a studio ever. A Dutch film. It’s about -for us the Dutch- historic trip of Willem Barentsz en Jacob van Heemskerk to Nova Zembla the icy cold Russian islands up North in the late 16th. They hardly survived. She plays the small part of Willem’s wife he left behind. The director said he needed a face “the audience would remember” while her man and his mates struggle for their life in the cold to survive. As kid I loved that story. Heroic and sad…

Marisa does not look interesting at all to me.

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