Lily Allen’s Lucy In Disguise Is In Trouble

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Although she is a true media darling, Lily Allen’s foray into the fashion business doesn’t look too good. Just months after opening a Lucy In Disguise store (in Covent Garden), Lily and her sister, Sarah were forced to close the boutique and move forward with a pop up shop (in Carnaby Street).

Does this mean it’s the end of Lucy in Disguise? Does this mean that Lily Allen has lost her fashion appeal? (why is everybody convinced that they can do fashion over night?) (photo via)

Lucy in Disguise boutique


#1 Allison on 07.20.11 at 2:19 am

Be careful Stylefrizz! This is what Lily had to say

“Lucy in Disguise has NOT closed, it has moved to a temporary pop up on Lowndes st, before we move to our permanent premises,” she wrote.

The singer later tweeted: “If any other publication wants to write deliberately misleading articles about Lucy in Disguise, feel free, I WILL sue you.”

#2 kpriss on 07.20.11 at 4:06 am

Hm… I always try to be careful. And objective. Thanks for the feedback, though! As for Lily Allen herself, it’s good to know she’s investing so much thought and energy into her projects. Reassuring.

#3 Ellington on 07.20.11 at 12:30 pm

Well I am glad that her shop is still around. : )

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