Emma Watson’s Bottega Veneta Bronze Dress Is A SJP Vogue Must

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As more pictures from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vogue August 2011 feature emerge, I find myself both alarmed and amazed. I’ll start with explaining the latter which comes in the form of a dress.

A very special dress, as it cannot be pulled off decently but by a handful of people. Around the world. I do not count Emma Watson (as proved by her Harry Potter premiere moment) or Sarah Jessica Parker among them. However, as I suspect the Vogue people hired an interior decorator to work hard on their August SJP feature, they might have considered his / her advices for fashion styling also. There’s no way Sarah Jessica Parker would have look good in that Bottega Veneta bronze dress unless looked at from above, don’t you agree? (via)

bronze Bottega Veneta dress Emma Watson Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Bottega Veneta bronze dress Vogue August


#1 Ellington on 07.14.11 at 8:06 am

Ah no, Kpriss I do not agree with you on that.
Sarah can wear most things well as she has the experience, and skill to pull of dresses of that fullness. She wore bigger and more couture things as Carrie on Sex in the City.
I think this photo was just Vogue trying for a different angle.

#2 mdinah on 07.14.11 at 2:13 pm

I think she did some big Viviene and McQueen(among others) pretty well, didn’t she?

#3 kpriss on 07.15.11 at 7:04 am

I do not hold Emma or Jessica accountable for the Bottega Veneta dress. It’s a stylist thing. If their stylists find the dress worthy of maximum exposure, then they’ll bring it everywhere. I was just looking at the picture and thought the dress complimented the room more than it complimented Sarah Jessica Parker…

#4 Ellington on 07.15.11 at 7:33 am

Like mdinah said before it is a big dress, and not just in the amount of material used. You have to know how to wear it and not have it wear you I think. I really do think Sarah could pull this dress off. Two other people who could wear this dress would be Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton.
I am sorry that I did not read that is what you meant that the dress complimented the room more the SJP Kpriss, I just went by what you said:
“There’s no way Sarah Jessica Parker would have look good in that Bottega Veneta bronze dress unless looked at from above, don’t you agree?”
And I did not agree. : )

#5 kpriss on 07.15.11 at 7:40 am

true, true, I wasn’t clear on my perspective. I just though it was .. perfect, looked from above! Then, reading you, I came back at the picture and asked myself why I found it so flawless in the first place. And I remembered I was so caught up in the room decoration and found the dress perfect for that room.

Striving to see how SJP would look in that dress, and not from Vogue’s perspective, I realized I liked the picture just the way it was, and that if I was to put SJP in another position and change the picture’s angle, all the magic would disappear.

Oh, Cate. Yes, Cate wears almost anything with unmatching grace and elegance! Tilda would show another aspect of the dress – the quirky, edgy one.

#6 keiko on 07.16.11 at 2:48 am

I agree with all the above comments. I also feel Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman or Karen Elson could carry off this dress because they exude a polished elegant image on the red carpet
Emma is too young & her posture is poor – she looks like she is not too sure yet! She gets overwhelmed by how many choices too make & then gets confused as the circus goes on.
But ultimately this dress is fugly!

#7 Ellington on 07.16.11 at 7:27 am

Actually I find the dress rather beautiful, it is wonderfully artfully constructed and reminds me of the artist Christo. : )

#8 Lucinda on 08.01.11 at 9:06 am

I have to say that i thought Emma Watson looked fabulous in this dress. I saw it on film and the way she moved it proved to me she was wearing it and not the other way round.

The picture you have of her i agree, it does not flatter or compliment. But the photos i have seen from the front & Back look sensational.

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