Dakota Fanning’s New Short Haircut

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What is happening? I thought the short hair thing was way behind us already! Have you seen Dakota Fanning’s new short haircut?

Granted she’s starring in a movie about a girl who has leukemia so this could still be a cleverly coiffed wig, however, if it’s true and Dakota did cut her long blond locks, would you say that Emma Watson has anything to do with it? And would you say Dakota looks good with such short hair?

Dakota Fanning new short haircut


#1 Ellington on 07.12.11 at 1:07 pm

She looks cute! : )

#2 Ellington on 07.12.11 at 1:17 pm

And Kpriss I know that you are in love with all things Emma but to be honest I doubt that she influenced Dakota.
Emma originally cut her hair because she was trying to get the role of Lisbeth Salander in the US remake of the film.
I am ever so glad she did not get it, she does not have the gravitas to pull of Lisbeth.

#3 elai on 07.13.11 at 11:26 pm

love dakota with or without hair

#4 joey on 07.14.11 at 11:13 am

gawd ! i love dakota so much, kinda turns me off a little. LOL. cuz i like her w/ long hair.

#5 emily on 07.16.11 at 9:55 pm

I think the cut isn’t that great but i like her with short hair

#6 Ricki Lange on 01.20.12 at 7:02 am

I have a haircut with feathered layers, so when the ends looks frizzy, it’s a disaster. What works for me, is prior to heat styling to use the Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Protectant Spray, which truly works to blow-dry the ends smooth instead of puffy/frizzy. I’ve tried dozens of “heat-tamer” products, and none of them works anywhere near as well as this Shielo product.

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