Cia Maritima Swimwear Collection. Ft Sony Vaio S Series By Benny Rosset

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Cia Maritima is Brazil’s most important swimwear brand. However, during this year’s Swimwear Fashion Week 2012 from Brazil, something else other than weeny teeny swimsuits caught the public’s attention: Sony Vaio S Series. With three prints matching the swimwear prints, the new Sony Vaio Signature series as designed by Benny Rosset look just as hot as the swimsuits!

Even more. Take a look at the prints below, then check out the videos of the actual 2012 swimsuit collection right after the jump!

Cia Maritima Swimwear Fashion Show Microsoft Sony Vaio

Why is a Sony Vaio on the catwalk? Because Microsoft decided it was time to move forward and invade the hipster market which is now undeniably Apple’s reign? I’m not sure about that, however, what is certain is that something needed to be done. And what better partnership than Microsoft and Sony Vaio? Their S laptops series is pretty much as fashionable as it gets from a high profile laptop such as Sony Vaio.

Today is confessions day so there I go again: I used to be a HP girl through and through. Now I’m a Vaio chica. I’m sold. We’re still hooked on iPhones, but if you ask me, a Sony Vaio is serious competition for the much hyped McBooks! Now let’s check out the swimwear! (More about Sony Vaio S Series here; via 1, 2)

Fashionable Sony Vaio S series Cia Maritima prints

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