2011 Must Have Jeremy Scott’s New Adidas Collection

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You know, there’s hardly no place to hide if you have kids: you have to love animated movies! That’s actually a pretext – both me and my Adored Husband we are animation fans. We just love animations. So biensur we saw the new Kung Fu Panda. And, maybe you should too?

(there’s a little something I wanted to say here: has anyone noticed the Dreamworks improvement? Better storylines? Better built characters? Has anyone deflected the Pixar vessel lately to embark in a Spielberg – led adventure? Now back to the fashion plot of tonight’s story)

Jeremy Scott’s new Adidas collection is adorable. No, really! How can you not like clothes shaped like Pandas or tigers? Or winged jeans? Winged shoes are soooo yesterday! (via)

Jeremy Scott Adidas Panda Tiger

Jeremy Scott Adidas Panda sneakers

Jeremy Scott Adidas winged jeans

Jeremy Scott Adidas winged blue jeans

Jeremy Scott Adidas dress Jeremy Scott Adidas winged ballerinas Jeremy Scott Adidas 2011

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