Agyness Deyn Photographed By James Franco For Elle Magazine

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Agyness Deyn was seen around James Franco and was believed to be more than what today shows us it could have been. In short – people thought there was something going on between James and Aggy. However, today, some photographs of Agyness surfaced. Taken by James Franco, the artsy.

Whether this so called fashion exploit will be follow by future fashmagazines engagements it is yet uncertain. What is sure is that James Franco will debut an art installation consisting of photos, videos and more at the Venice Biennale. Hereby Agyness Deyn, Imogen Poots and Natalia Bonifacci to help him fight the art cum fashion cause. James may be a very gifted individual, I just don’t see it yet. Do you? (more images right after the jump, click here for the gallery!) (via 1, 2)

Agyness Deyn by James Franco

James Franco photographer

Agyness Deyn Black and white photos by James Franco

Agyness Deyn by James Franco Chateau Dreams Black and white Aggy James Franco Agyness Deyn Photographed Franco

Aggy by James Franco James Franco photography James Franco photos Elle


#1 Ellington on 06.14.11 at 4:06 pm

I like James Franco. He is talented as an actor and he is willing to take chances. He went on the Soap Opera General Hospital when most “famous” actors would never deem to “lower themselves”. He went back to university to do his Masters (which he did) and is now working on his Phd. He does blockbuster films like the Spider-man franchise and comedies like Pineapple Express and short films.
He seems to want to do and experience as much as he can as an artist and person and for me personally I truly admire that.
I like these photos he has taken of Agyness Deyn they are almost as if she is a female him. : )

#2 ajginger on 06.15.11 at 5:48 am

Ellington, I never knew all these facts about James Franco! It does impress me a lot. What a versatile man. I like the photos too. Agyness was way too early around on the fashion scene with her looks?

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