Marc Jacobs Loves Prada Creations

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Remember when we saw Marc Jacobs wearing a Prada Skirt and Prada shoes? It was, it seems, no accident, as the designer is a self confessed Prada fan! Raison de plus to love Miuccia Prada’s collection, not that we needed another incentive to drool over her creations!

In the latest issue of Industrie magazine, Marc Jacobs is photographed in what looks to be his walk in closet, wearing pieces from Prada collections as styled by Katie Grand and photographed by Manuela Pavesi. Does it surprise you, that the great Marc Jacobs wears Prada? After all, even the Devil wears Prada, so why should that be any different? (Industrie)

Marc Jacobs loves Prada

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#1 ajginger on 05.30.11 at 3:55 am

On the one on the right photo he has that silly matronly look but it can be the dress too? If he loose up real good in the pieces on the left mwah, why not? If he loves to dress that way then go for it Marc! :)

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