Gorgeous Purple Platform High Heeled Sandals, Senso Diffusion

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And what do we have here? Another one of those correspondence we actually did receive goodie! And what a gorgeous goodie it is! Our friend, Ellington, got to my platform sensitive self and melted me allover this great find! A pair of purplicious sandals from Senso Diffusion I’m also sharing with you. Because you know, you always share goodies with your friends!

So how about these purple platforms? To me, they scream parteeeeeee all night / day long! What do they tell you? Close your eyes, let’s hear them whisper (myeah, I could be a bit off.. But hey, it’s the weekeeeend! We can all be off two days a week, right? Even more! Come, let’s talk platforms! – oh, and right after the jump there’s another goodie from Senso / Diffusion! Because I’m lovin’em!) (Senso Diffusion via)

Purple platforms high heels sandals Senso Diffusion

Purple platforms high heels sandals

Multi Colored platform sandals Senso Diffusion

Sandals Platforms Senso Diffusion Sahara Multi Combozoom 1 Purple Platforms Senso Diffusion 1 Purple Platforms Senso Diffusion 2


#1 ajginger on 04.16.11 at 8:42 am

Oh, I love the purple ones. Wannahave now! But I think that at a party I throw them off to dance :D

#2 Ellington on 04.16.11 at 11:09 am

Yes! I am ever so glad that you love them! I do too!
Are they not just simply stellar! :)

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