The New Bed Style. For Kids

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You have to see this! I can’t wait no more, I just found it, I think it’s beyond brilliant and consequently, you’ll be informed!

This, my lovelies, it’s a bed! But make no mistake, it’s no ordinary bed, oh no! It’s a bed for kids in the shape of a book! A book bed! How heartmelting is that? How inspiring and adorable! A bed shaped like a book for kids. For two kids (or even more, if you consider each page can accommodate two kids)! You can even close the book if you want more space! It was made up by the exquisitely story telling photographer Yusuke Suzuki (and if you want more inspiration, check up her website here!). Now imagine if someone would catch up the idea and start making bed sheets with actual text on? Talk about bedtime stories, eh? (via)

Book bed for kids Yusuke Suzuki

Book bed for kids play Yusuke Suzuki

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