Fashion Must: Find Yourself A Designer Friend!

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It’s a mad, mad designer world out there! And if you don’t have your own designer at your side (or at least your own stylist to guide you), you will most definitely be lost in an endless sea of fashoportunities!

Take for instance the celeb factor: it’s worth nothing without the proper stylist! And you know what would be even greater than having your personal stylist ? Having a designer to be your stylist or friend. Or stylist friend. Cum designer. In the words of charming Carey Mulligan (about her friends, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen).

I couldn’t believe what they did when I texted in a panic about having nothing to wear for my audition for Gatsby. I was hoping they’ve send me some things from The Row, but then these huge boxes arrived—Ashley’s entire collection of thirties vintage dresses.

Talking about friends with benefits, eh? (Vogue via)

Ashley Mary Kate Olsen in bed

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