Ready For Dr Martens Bags?

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I know I am! I have this Dr Martens passion I can’t hide. Give me a classic 8 boot and I’d be happy to pair my flowy dresses with it! It feels so natural, so young and fresh and yet classic at the same time. Yes – that’s it – Dr Martens boots are a must have classic.

But did you know they’re aiming at the accessories market with a glorious line of bags? Leather bags, genderless as far as I can tell, in black, green, navy, white and cherry red are available in the UK for now (350 pieces of all – and I doubt they’re 350 of each color!).

Made in collaboration with a small team of English saddlery specialists from London, the bags stole my heart on the very spot. Sure, if you’re not much the leather type, there’s always the canvas alternative: Dr Martens Parachute Bag. Made in Somerset from industrial materials and fittings from parachute harnesses, these beauties come in three shades (olive, navy, black) and limited to 300 pieces. Which one would you pick?

Also – Hermes who? Give me a Dr Martens cherry red leather bag over that overpriced, overpraised Birkin any day! (Dr Martens via)

Dr Martens Cherry Red leather bag

Dr Martens white leather bag

Dr Martens leather bags

Dr Martens canvas bags

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