Funny Cute Floral And Colorful Dav Rain Boots

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I can’t seem to have enough of them rain boots. Something inside of me keeps pushing for more, more beautiful, more stylish rain boots. Sure, there’s Hunter. And then there’s this:

Däv footwear brings the fun in the rain boots. They’re plain fashionable and cute, it’ll brighten your most rainy day in a blink. Or at least that what they’d do with my rainy days. What do you do when it pours? Stay inside with a hot chocolate and some comfort food or courageously confront the rain wearing one of your most stylish approach of rain fashion? (if you’re interested for more details, check out däv here; via)

Dav rain boots flower prints

Dav rain boots pink

Dav rain boots yellow

Dav rain boots orange

Dav rain boots cowboy


#1 Ellington on 01.28.11 at 8:32 am

The patterns are cute but I like my wellies to have the traditional heel or lack of one, but I will say that the cowboy boots are kind of fun for a rainy day! : )

#2 ajgingerbelle on 01.29.11 at 12:25 pm

Very cute like the ones we wore back in the 80’s though they had the traditional heel and wellie design. I can see them worn by young girls. I also stick to my traditional wellies. :)

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