Karl Lagerfeld, Baptiste Giabiconi Volkswagen Ad Campaign

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Spoiler alert! I’ll start by saying I was a bit shocked to see Karl Lagerfeld, the grand Kaiser being touched by another human being. And everything being caught on camera. And shown to the world in the new Volkswagen Golf and Polo Style package.

Karl is praising the cars, believing they’re coming straight from Paris. However, someone comes from behind and fairly warns him, graciously grabbing his arm and whispering in his ear that the cars are, in fact, German (0.17seconds along). Imagine how Linda Evangelista – high I raised my eyebrows only to realize, a spark of a second later, that the good fella who whispered so familiarly in Lagerfeld’s ear, was, none the other, but Baptiste Giabiconi! Man, does der Kaiser do anything without his toyboy? (via)

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#1 mdinah on 12.29.10 at 8:31 am

I love the Kaiser but..rrrrr NO!

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