Freja, Kristen, Raquel Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2011

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We’ve seen the collection, now here’s the ad campaign! Louis Vuitton’s Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign starring Freja Beha Erichsen, Kristen McMenamy, Raquel Zimmermann.

I have to go for tacky. Again. Huge amounts of tacky with an Asian flavor. Also, with all due respect for Kristen and Raquel, it seems they favor Freja by a long shot – she’s the only one who’s not pulling a forced, fake, theatrical expression. I like her, but I would love to see the others shining also. It’s kitschy enough to have a zillion stars shining through, why not three? (photo via)

Freja Kristen Raquel Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2011 campaign

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#1 Agingerbelle on 01.02.11 at 7:30 am

Kpriss, I’m glad you’re critical. At first sight I though this was a campaign to promote anorexia! I find this campaign besides tacky also dangerous.
The Nolita Campaign in 2007, Isabelle Caro. Remember her? She died in November only 28 years old. Poor girl. This campaign screams: “Stop eating, safe money so you can afford a wonderful Louis Vuitton bag”. Ugh…..
It’s not that I blame the fashion world for the illness anorexia. But this sort of campaigns using these far to skinny girls isn’t doing much good for the case I think……

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