The New App Fashion, Jason Schwartzman Edition

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No particular reason for this one! What? Haven’t seen me feature men around here too often? (there’s a simple reason for that: my eyes, heart and mind only operate in one direction – my Adored Husband. There’s simply nothing else besides him) Still, you have to admit Jason Schwartzman has that geeky attitude and that Gentleman style Matthew McConaughey will never, ever, in a gazillion aviator years reach!

What’s it really about? The New Yorker’s new iPad app. I may not be in Jason Schwartzman or any other man out there, but I’m definitely into iPads. So there goes the motivation for this subject today. That plus – it’s a really entertaining video, galactic years away from any fashvideo I’ve seen lately! (and directed by Roman Coppola – yes, that’s Francis Ford Coppola’s son)

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