Mulberry Bags For Target

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That was the good news! The bad news is that they’re already sold out! The e-launch date – August 20, 2010. Every bit of Mulberry bag available online was immediately sold, the very first day. Now you can only try on location for your favorite Mulberry for Target bag! One. Two. All of them. Minus the pink leopard (for me – so one extra for you!).

Especially the $14,99 mini cross body messenger bags? I’d love me three of each, in case one of the kids decides he/she should make a swing out of it! Pretty looking, decent prices, all Mulberry for Target bags retail for prices under $50. What, you’re still here? Don’t put your hopes on eBay – I already checked and you need $35 just to open the bids on mini cross body Mulberry for Target! You can buy it now for only $75! Run for Target! (Target via)

Mulberry bags collection for Target

Target Mulberry bags collection 2010

Mulberry handbags collection for Target

Mulberry Target denim bags mini crossbody bags

Mulberry Target leopard print bag


#1 Ellington on 10.16.10 at 10:34 am

Hi Kpriss! : )
The bags are all cute but I do agree that the pink leopard one is rather dire. We do not have Target here in Canada, but it is a nice collection/

#2 China bag on 10.28.10 at 2:24 am

There are so many good-looking bags. I love each.

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