Lenny Kravitz Tropicalismo Wallpaper With Flavor Paper

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Do you still take wallpaper seriously? I tried hard not to! Seems that wallpaper is a serious design thing. Having troubles believing that? Then imagine that even Lenny Kravitz is on to the wallpaper trail!

He’s got a new collection worked out with Flavor Paper, called Tropicalismo, vibrant color and pattern variations “…beautiful, rhythmic and sexy, like the people of Brazil”. If I was to judge on Lenny’s latest appearance, his trendy egdy-ness would be a bit too much for my oldschool, simple girl tastes. However, Lenny is serious about his interior design thing, having created “Kravitz Design” in 2003 and working his hand on hotel spaces besides his personal properties. Now whether he actually does this himself or, just like Christian Audigier, calls in the specialists to do it, we might not ever find out. However, getting back to Tropicalismo: would it work chez vous?

Lenny Kravitz Flavor Wallpaper

Five patterns were created for the occasion: Alvorada, Brasilia, Feroz, Obscuro and Rio Crocodillo. Each of which were declined in four colors and / or prints. What bugs me is that Rio Crocodillo is said to be designed by Jon Sherman, while the other four were signed by Kravitz Design. Whoever is behind the company (aka Lenny himself) doesn’t necessarily has to signed the designs personally, does he? (Flavor via)

Lenny Kravitz Flavor Wallpaper Obscuro

Lenny Kravitz Flavor Wallpaper Brasilia

Rio Crocodillo Flavor Wallpaper

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#1 Adriana on 10.16.10 at 6:03 am

I sort of like the first colour design. Maybe it’s the cold and the miserable rain that makes me feel like it’s November. The colours cheer me up. Question is how long? The other “Kravitz Designs” are not original at all neither is my choice but that one is likable. Typical stuff for houses that are made for interior design not for homes…….

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