Get Your Tabloid Story Straight!

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There’s been a study initiated in order to help us get our weekly tabloid fix in full truth conscience. It’s always a good thing to know what you’re spending your money on.

Brangelina wars every week of the month for years and years, TV shows drama queens highlights, all the stories, all the lies, are we still willing to accept we’re being lied to and we are the ones to support that falsity on the newsstand? Just so you know, US Weekly is the most accurate tabloid and at the opposite is Star. You can put your trust in Life & Style (with an overall accuracy of 34%, and 25% cover accuracy while US Weekly is counting on an overall accuracy of 59% and 35% cover accuracy), less in In Touch (21% overall accuracy, 9% cover accuracy) and even lesser in OK! (14% overall accuracy, 7% cover accuracy). It’s impressive how we’re constantly being misled from the very cover, eh? (via)

Tabloids cover issue accuracy percentage

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