Christina Aguilera’s Royal Desire Perfume

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I’m fairly puzzled by Christina Aguilera and the reports judging her career. Some say she’s into a massive flop, other that she’s never been better. I’m having a hard time choosing the right, real one given I’m just an outsider and the media world spins everything according to some internal rules we don’t have access to.

However, I did love her Back to Basics ways and I was hoping she could keep a steady course on that one. Instead, she changed into this Bionic thing, keeping, though, her Royal Desires. That she materialized into a new fragrance. With top notes of white marshmallow, mandarin, blackberry, middle notes of honeysuckle, herbs, lily, rose and base notes of sandalwood, cedar and musk, the new Royal Desire by Christina Aguilera also has a jewelry associated. A heart shaped necklace signed by Stephen Webster. And a pretty girlish ad campaign. Have you heard about her upcoming movie, Burlesque? It appears that she’s quite the actor, our little Christina! Until then, do check out her performance in the video ad campaign right after the jump! (photos via)

Christina Aguilera Royal Desire perfume

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